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Dr Srinath Rao

  • Guest of honour for Graduation day ceremony at B .D. Jatti HMC Dharwad and delivered the ‘Keynote Address’ on 09.03.2013.
  • Resource person for Ayush sponsored NRHM programme at FMHMC on the topic ‘Difficulties in Paediatric case taking’ on 14.03.2013.
Dr Shivaprasad K
  • Attended a workshop on ‘Medical education technology’-Module 2 on 5th  & 6th March 2013 at New Delhi.
  • Resource person for Ayush sponsored NRHM programme at FMHMC on the topic ‘Sexual dysfunction & its Homoeopathic management’ on 14.03.2013.

Dr Prasanna Kumar

  • Participated as Resource person for the Health awareness programme organized by Mangalore
  • University at Mahesh degree college, Kudroli on 16.03.2013.
  • Regularly writing articles in vaidyaloka, Column of ‘Hosa digantha’ daily.
  • Participated in an interview on Research in Homoeopathy in V4 media TV channel on 22.02.2013
  • Resource person for Ayush sponsored NRHM programme on 08.03.2013.
  • Published an article on ‘Disease Trends’ in ‘Vignana Sangathi’ a monthly science journal published by Kannada University, Hampi.

Dr Blany Lobo

  • Published an article on ‘Agnus castus-a portrait’  in Homoeo Era, Feb 2013 issue.

Dr Amitha P Baliga

  • Published an article on ‘Mystical Power of Causticum’in Homoeo times Jan 2013.

Dr Roshan Pinto

  • Gave health awareness talk on Allergy and its management on the occasion of International women’s day celebration at Niddodi.
  • Co-ordinator for training programme for Ayush doctors under NRHM in the subject Mother and Child health from 4th to 16th March 2013.
  • Published an article on ‘Treating metastatic prostate cancer with a combined approach’-case report in American Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine (AJHM).

Dr Vidya Angraje

  • Article published – ‘Dr Schuessler & his miracles’ in Homoeo times, Feb 2013 issue.

Dr Madona Joseph

  • Joined for PG Diploma in Bioethics and Medical Ethics  in Yenepoya University.
  • Attended 34th Annual conference of Indian Academy of forensic Medicine and presented a poster
  • presentation on ‘What you could have done Doctor’ from  1st &  3rd Feb 2013
  • Attended a workshop on Bioethics, UNESCO chain in FMMC from 4th -6th Feb 2013 at FMMC.

Dr Jacintha Monteiro

  • Article on ‘Origin of Homoeopathy’ in Pingara, Jan 2013.
  • Article in a Konkani  Magazine March 2013 on ‘Menopause’.

Dr Jenita Fernandes

  • Article in Vital Informer, Jan 2013 on ‘Dreams and its Homoeopathic Interpretation’.
  • Resource person for training programme for Ayush doctors under NRHM, spoke on ‘ Lactational problems and its Homoeopathic Management’.

Dr Pravas Pal

  • Delivered guest lecture at AM Sheikh Medical college on 02.06.2013 on the topic ‘Preparation of Homoeopathic Medicine’.
  • Resource person for NRHM programme on the topic ‘GI disorders in children’ on 13.03.2013 at FMHMC.

Dr Jyoshna S

  • Conducted a school health camp on 21st Jan 2013 at Belma Deralakatte aided primary school.
  • Conducted a training programme along with OBG department for the Ayush doctors under  NRHM on the subject Mother and Child Health from 4th to 16th March, 2013 and was a resource person on the topics, Respiratory illness and its Homoeopathic management and Behavioral disorders and its approach.

Dr Sheethal Adyar

  • Attended district level AYUSH seminar & workshop conducted by AYUSH Dept, D.K. Zilla Panchayat.

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