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  • We work to preserve and stimulate in past and present students a lively and abiding affection for the interest in the Alma Mater and to keep them aware of the opportunities to contribute actively to their progress.
  • Arrange and conduct scientific, professional programs for the benefit of members, medical professionals.
  • Organize social awareness programmes and cultural activities for the population at large.
  • Conduct and participate actively in public outreach programmes such as health services, health camps, medical exhibitions, etc.
  • Collect, screen and edit articles for publication in Father Muller Homoeopathic Medical College Journal/ Bulletin.
  • Contribute articles / cases / research works to other scientific and popular periodicals for dissemination of knowledge and information to general public.
  • Assist meritorious and needy medical students by helping for scholarships and financial grant / establish endowments.
  • Assist doctors in rural areas to promote the health services.
  • Participate actively in Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs and Human Resource Development activities.
  • To collect funds for the benefit of the association by way of donation, contributions, aids, membership fees and subscriptions.
  • To collect funds for the benefit and activities of the college by ways of donation, contributions, aids etc.
  • Encourage active participation of all the chapters / members for mutual benefit, by way of academic and financial assistance.
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